Baroque canvas - Prima Marketing

Hi and great start to the new week! This canvas is pair for the Rococo one I blogged earlier (link). The techniques are the same in the two, but the way I applied the Metallique colors is different. I made the pair for sample projects for demos at Creativation.

I named this canvas “Baroque canvas” because of the color palette. The rich, warm colors of the new Metalliques I used in this project make me think of Baroque era. For the background I used both the new Plaster Paste and the Paper Texture Paste. 

The Plaster paste is applied to the canvas using a silicone brush and then I added a stenciled Paper Texture Paste pattern on top. The new Pastes add a ton of texture to the canvas! After making the background layers I adhered some blooms and Mechanicals on top using 3D Gel and then painted the whole project with the new Metallique colors.

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a peaceful, pleasant week! 


965174 – Metallique acrylic paint Romance Pink
965112 – Metallique acrylic paint Golden Moss
965129 – Metallique acrylic paint Rustic Brown
964498 – Metallique acrylic paint Plum Preserves 
965945 – Mechanicals 
963958 – Metallique wax Vintage Gold
965198 – Plaster paste
965259 – Paper Texture Paste 
584566 – Tile stencil 
961374 – Heavy Gesso White
961398 – 3D Matte Gel
815356 – IOD mold Object Labels 2
596965 – Amber Moon flowers
994297 – Love Story SIIC
961893 – Messy stamp

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger


Lavender cards - Prima Marketing

Hello! Continuing with the butterfly theme somewhat. Yesterday I shared a step by step tutorial to a butterfly using Sizzix dies and Prima Marketing mediums. Today I'm sharing two cards I made using the Lavender collection from Prima. They were shown on Creativation last month. You can see the collection, the cards and even me on this Scrapbook.com video (link).


I really enjoy making cards, but the best part is to give them away! It’s always wonderful to remember friends with a card and a note or to add a card on top of a birthday present. These purple cards were done using the Lavender collection. I mixed in the new IOD stamps as they make perfect background details with the leaves! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great Sunday!


630119 – Lavender 6x6 Pad
848804 – Lavender “Communication Through Love” 
630133 – Lavender Journaling Notecards 
630218 – Lavender tickets 
630188 – Lavender ephemera 
630195 – Lavender SIIC
631246 – Lavender flowers
816421 – IOD Build a Wreath stamp set
584269 – Tropicals watercolors 

572068 – Wire Thread

Materials: Prima Marketing, Ranger, Elizabeth Craft Design


Mixed media butterfly - Sizzix

Moikka! Hopefully you are having a good Saturday! Today I have a request to refill. I did a butterfly for Prima's Creativation booth (link) and when I showed it during Art Venture I got asked to do a tutorial about it. I'm always happy to fulfill requests so here it goes! 

As you can see, it's not the same butterfly as I changed the composition and some of the materials, but the basic construction and the steps are the same. And even more so, the base is the same, the butterfly is cut using the Bigz Hedgerow Butterfly die by Sizzix. As I was playing with the new Sizzix dies, I added a couple more of die cut pieces to the make. To learn how I did this black and purple butterfly, please see the stepped tutorial from below. 

Step 1. Using the Bigz Hedgerow Butterfly die from Sizzix, cut a butterfly out of cardboard or like I did, use sturdy coasters. As the butterfly was bigger than the coasters, I cut two pieces - one left side and one right. 

Are you new to die cutting? No worries, check this Sizzix site (link)!

Step 2. Trim the butterfly so that the both pieces have the body part but nothing more extra. Cut a swirly plant and a honeycomb using two other Sizzix dies. Cut the vine out of cardboard or coaster and the hexagon using thinner material, but still sturdy enough to hold the mediums, like watercolor paper.

Step 3. Layer the butterfly pieces on top of each other, adhere and let dry for a while. Paint everything black using black gesso. Let dry or use a heat tool carefully.

Step 4. Start making your composition and layers. Trim any excess off from the hexagon and vine and adhere them on top of the butterfly. Use gel medium as your glue. As these shapes form the base of the whole cluster, use enough medium to really keep them put. 

Step 5. Add to the composition and make it fuller. Use metal embellishments, paper flowers and found items. Adhere everything with gel medium. Let the piece dry some time or preferably overnight that all the layers really adhere - this makes next steps so much easier!

Step 6. Again, paint everything black using black gesso. If you are impatient crafter and your gel medium is not yet dry when you start to paint, don't let the two mediums mix as gel medium may cause a resist effect later on.

Step 7. Color your butterfly using shiny Metallique paints and Mica powder. Let the colors mix and create a colorful look you desire. 

Step 8. Bring on the wax! To highlight the edges of the butterfly, the metals and the vine, use metallic waxes. Apply either with your finger or using a sturdy, rigid brush like a stencil brush. 

Step 9. Finish your butterfly with some more shimmer and shine. Add some adhesive here and there near the composition and sprinkle little glass beads on top. As the beads leave some openings here and there to the adhesive, sprinkle then some glitter on top. Let dry and blow the extra away. 

There you have it - a little mixed media butterfly in nine steps! Just by changing the colors of the paints and waxes you can create a whole bunch of butterflies flurrying around with all the colors of the rainbow! 

Thank you for  stopping by today! Underneath you can see the Sizzix dies I used for this craft as well as list of brands I used. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to comment or email me! Ta ta for now!

Dies used: 

Materials: Sizzix, Prima Marketing


Fly me to... - Prima Marketing

Good evening! Here's a little project I did for Creativation. I've shared a couple already but there's still a lot more to be shared!

This simple letter combines a lot of my favorites from the new Prima release! There’s the fantastic new Paper Texture Paste to give texture to the letter. Then there’s the sweet butterflies that are the cherry on top to any project. And out of all of the collections, the color scheme of the Lavender one might be my favorite! I mean – just look at those crystals with the pale lilac color and the cold flakes, aren’t they amazing!

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you a great start to the weekend! 


630188 – Lavender ephemera 
630195 – Lavender SIIC
631208 – Lavender flowers
965259 – Paper Texture Paste 
993658 – Petite Round Frame 
961398 – 3D Matte Gel
572068 – Wire Thread 
963408 – Grungy Butterflies

Materials: Prima Marketing


Little red robin - Mixed Up Magazine

Hello there! How are you? Keeping warm? Here's a little something I did for Mixed Up magazine some months ago. The canvas can be found on issue December 2017 / January 2018 on an article titled "Ice and Snow". The article has a step by step tutorial to make the piece. 

The background is made using alcohol inks and then there's acrylic layers on top. The sweet little birdie is done using a Sizzix die. I also added some embossing powder here and there to give a frosty feel to the canvas. 

The piece was inspired by a few things. First the time the magazine was to be published, I wanted to do a winter piece. The other inspiration came from a Finnish Christmas song, loosely translated as "sparrow on a winter morning". And the third thing was the sweet robin die I had from Sizzix. Then it all was just to think about the techniques to use to the piece! If you want to see what I choose to go with, please see the magazine! 

Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you all the best! 

Materials: Ranger, Prima Marketing, Sizzix, Wow Embossing Powder


Cherry stars - Prima Marketing

Starry Monday! How is your week starting so far? It's snowing here in Helsinki which is good as tomorrow is "laskiainen" - Shrove Tuesday which in Finland usually means buns, pea soup and riding a sled downhill from the highest top one can find.

These stars are something I made for Creativation for Prima booth. They are made using the Cherry Blossom collection (link) together with a Finnabair newbie (link)

“Don’t just plan – act” saying goes well to a star – it’s like a guideline to follow one’s own star! The star shapes are first treated with Plaster Paste like icing a cake. Then the shapes are decorated using the sweet Cherry Blossom flowers, blooms from three different sets. The saying on the bigger star is cut from a journaling card. 

All the best from me to you! Thank you for stopping by today! Have a great start to the new week! 


597825 – Cherry Blossom Journaling Notecards 
631123 – Cherry Blossom flowers 
631116 – Cherry Blossom flowers 
631109 – Cherry Blossom flowers 
597849 – Cheery Blossom washi tapes 
965198 – Plaster paste
961374 – Heavy Gesso White

Materials: Prima Marketing


You + Me - Prima Marketing

Sweet Sunday! Today I have something sweet to share with you. It's a Valentines page for or about my husband.

This year is a special one for me. Now in February my husband and I celebrate our 10th anniversary and in July we’ve been together for 15 years! It feels that the decade has just flown by! To stop the moment from fleeing, I wanted to document the special year and snapped a picture of our hands one day. He was sick with flu and I had paint stain on my hand… but somehow I find this picture really true and honest and love it for that! 

To make up for the “not so cute” photo, I chose to use the cute and lovely “Love Story” collection in my layout with it’s sweet candy pink palette. For the background layers I used Color Philosophy inks. The water soluble inks are perfect for backgrounds and I can’t wait to try the new archival type inks (link)

As you saw a bit further up, I recorded a video of my process with the page, hope you liked it! Thank you for stopping by today! Wishing you all a lovely, sweet day! 


993924 – Love Story 12x12 Sheet
993979 – Love Story 6x6 Paper Pad
631338 – Love Story flowers Damianne 
631314 – Love Story flowers Charlotte 
631345 – Love Story flowers Princesse 
965259 – Paper Texture Paste 
589158 – Color Philosophy ink Flamingo 
589264 – Color Philosophy ink Frosting 
961466 – Clear Gesso 
597849 – Cherry Blossom Washi Tape 
994013 – Love Story Chipboard Stickers 
994044 – Love Story Heart Stickers 
994051 – Love Story Puffy Stickers 
994075 – Love Story Quote and Text Stickers 
994297 – Love Story SIIC 
572105 – Wire Thread Ivory 
961268 – Honeycomb stencil 
584566 – Tile stencil 

Materials: Prima Marketing

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